HMRC targeted by 'rogue' private investigators

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An uncensored, leaked Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) report revealed that HMRC, BT and British Gas were subject to personal data breaches by private investigators.

The original 2008 report was published in an edited form last year by the House of Commons home affairs committee, but the investigative news agency Exaro recently obtained an unredacted version.

It was originally published last year to the House of Commons home affairs committee and was censored in places until now.

The report is...

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12th Aug 2013 12:01

blurred lines

It is bizarre that any old criminal can hire the services of a serving police officer.

These people should be hung out to dry. A message needs to be sent although it is probably too late to clear up the huge mess that has been created.

No wonder crime rates are falling. Just implicate a police officer (or HMRC officer) in your scam, put him on the payroll (no income tax no vat), and now you can commit what ever crime you like.

Did these people declare their tax on these payments?

We are now reliant on Wiki wacky leaks to police the system. Who will police Wacky leaks?

It's o.k when the criminals are caught but what If you have reported a nasty criminal and someone takes it upon themselves to leak your details. In the future Not every leaker will be honourable?

The scary thing is SOCA sees it's role as covering up/ damage limitation and the information collected is clearly to manage the problem rather than investigating and bringing the culprits to justice.

Either we have laws or we don't !!!!!!


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