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HMRC task force tracker

5th Jul 2012
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Since the beginning of 2010, HMRC' has been targeting high risk sectors where significant underpayment of tax may be taking place. During 2011, 12 such taskforces are planned, alongside previous initiatives targeting medical professionals and plubmers/gas fitters. This table monitors their progress.

HMRC said the task force initiative is part of the government's £917m spending review investment to tackle tax evasion, avoidance and fraud from 2011/12. Its target is to raise an additional £7bn each year by 2014/15.

Each specialist team will undertake an intensive burst of compliance activity to uncover businesses owing tax. Twelve task forces were launched in 2011/12, with 30 scheduled in 2012/13

Paul Kennard, SME business unit head for HMRC in Scotland and Northern Ireland, commented: “Honest businesses have absolutely nothing to worry about. Only those who choose to break the rules, or deliberately evade the tax they should be paying, will be targeted."





Unpaid/ prosecs

Tax gain

Medical professionals  Jan-Jun '10 All 4,000 1.5k/?? £13.1m
Plumbers Mar '10-Aug '11 All 1,000 600/14 £4.57m
VAT non-registered May-Dec '11 SE 40,000 851/?? £9m+
Restaurant owners May '11 London, NW, Scotland 531 45/29


(£13.5m expected)

etraders Jun '11 - Mar '12 All 32,000    
Fast food outlets Jul '11 London 85 85/?? £10m
(£18m expected)
Tutors and coaches Oct '11-Mar '12 All      
Second home owners Nov '11 London      
Scrap metal dealers Nov '11 Scotland     £3m expected
Fast food outlets Nov '11 Scotland     £6m expected
Self-employed builders & construction traders Nov '11 NW & N Wales     £3m expected
Fraudulent repayments Nov '11 London   ??/3 £4.5m expected
Landlords Nov '11 NW & N Wales   ??/3  
Missing returns Nov '11 SE      
Property transactions Dec '11 Greater London      
Electricians Feb '12 All     £7m expected

Construction and building

Feb '12        

Direct selling

Feb '12        
Home improvement 2012?        
Rag trade 2012-3        
Indoor & outdoor markets May '12 London     £1.85m expected
Restaurant owners  May '12 Midlands     £2.5m expected
Property rentals May '12 London, East Anglia, Midlands,NE     £17m expected
Taxi firms May '12 Yorks & E Midlands     £2m expected
Motor trade Jul '12 Yorks, Notts, NE     £22m expected
Pubs & nightclubs Jul '12 Scotland     £5m expected
Hair & beauty businesses Jul '12 N Ireland     £2.5m expected
Restaurants Jul '12 SW, S Wales     £5m expected
Tax return initiative Jul-Oct '12 All     £2.5m expected
Totals     77,616 3081/49

£37.7m collected

£154m expected

Note: Before the latest campaigns were launched in 2011-12, HMRC operated the Offshore Disclosure Facility between April and November 2007, followed by the New Disclosure Facility for individuals with unpaid tax linked to offshore accounts and assets. According to HMRC, the ODF brought in £400m and the NDO raised £85m from 5,000 disclosures. When added in, these figures add up to more than £500m, justifying the department's headline claims. On closer analysis the yields are diminishing, from the averages of £17,000 achieved from NDO participants and £190,000 from London fast food franchises and £14,000+ from restaurants to £8,700 or so for medical professionals and £7,600 for plumbers. Further information and updates on these campaigns are available from HMRC's Campaigns page.

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Chris M
By mr. mischief
21st May 2012 20:34

razor sharp

I can confirm first hand that their team on tutors and coaches are razor sharp:

Me:  The visit on Monday, can you give me some idea as to the purpose?

Her:  False self-employment in the dancing school sector.

Me:  This client has 23 dancing instructors, all through PAYE.  We paid £18k in PAYE and NI in 2010-11 tax year.

Her:  Did you?

This was on the Thursday.  The plan was that her and a colleague would take a 200 mile round trip, and spend all of Monday apart from travelling time with my client.

On the Friday they rang up to cancel, on the basis that the £18k above was a factually accurate description. Good to know their database is operating with laser-like precision to home in the bad guys!


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By malcolmrichards
25th May 2012 11:16

laser razors

Love it !

Thanks (0)
By Speedwaysquashman
11th Jun 2012 13:43

Taxi firms Yorkshire/Derbyshire

Can anyone help, as I have not been able to find this on the HMRC website regarding the planned compliance campaign.

Could anyone kindly let me know the link?

Thanks (0)
By alancrm
21st Jun 2012 14:38




Presumably there is a shorter version which doesn't go via google if you faff about with it a bit.  Not my strong point I'm afraid!!

Thanks (0)
By Gowtham
16th Jan 2016 10:13

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Thanks (0)
By Garfield12
23rd Sep 2015 08:58

HMrc has done a great job by introducing tracker.


Thanks (0)
By Arif27
14th Oct 2015 06:36

The task force tracker is an innovative move by government. Hope that it will benefit Hmrc in a long run.

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