HMRC to investigate footballers' benefits

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Natalie Brandweiner
Contributing Editor
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HMRC is targeting premier league footballers over alleged unclaimed perks they receive from their clubs.

The High Net Worth Unit has sent questionnaires to leading clubs asking for information on the benefits provided to their employees such as travel and entertainment expenses, company cars, health insurance and childcare.

Information provided to HMRC will then be checked against footballers’ individual tax returns to examine any unpaid tax.

An HMRC spokesperson said: “For benefits in kind, the basic rule is that if an employer provides an employee with anything other than pay, it may count as an expense or benefit, and they will need to check whether they need to report it to HMRC and pay any tax or National Insurance Contributions.”

Tottenham Hotspur’s manger Harry Redknapp is also expected to stand trial in January for allegedly evading tax on £180,000 of his earnings whilst at Portsmouth football club.

AccountingWEB’s tax editor Rebecca Benneyworth previously said of footballers avoiding tax: “If enough noise is made about wealthy footballers avoiding tax somebody in Whitehall will have to be ‘seen to be doing something about it’.”

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05th Jan 2012 17:20

Paying HMRC taxes

Football clubs  paying huge salaries  should be made to pay the tax due at the same time the money is paid to the players and not allowed to take months to pay HMRC or players avoid paying tax for money obviously earned in the UK.  This should also apply to other Companies paying huge salaries.

Then when some of these clubs/companies go in to receivership money is not owed to the government who then have to make everyone else pay more to make it up.

Perhaps then the small Companies would be happy at having to pay on time or be fined.


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