HMRC updates dishonest tax agent rules

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Nick Huber
Freelance journalist
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HMRC has reassured tax agents that they will have the right to appeal before they are investigated for suspected dishonest conduct.

Since April, HMRC can use legislation to address dishonest conduct by tax agents, and issue civil penalties of up to £50,000.

An HMRC spokesman said that after feedback from CIOT and the Law Society, HMRC has...

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16th Jul 2013 17:45

memorandum of agreement

I have been targeted by HMRC as an agent who has a high proportion of repayment clients. They say this a national initiative. I am not dishonest. The person who works with me is ex West Yorks Police Fraud Squad. I have had a meeting with them and their proposal, if I accept it, would lose my business, if I don't they will put me out of business by the amount of of investigations. Has anybody else had the same treatment  

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17th Jul 2013 18:53

Repayment clients

If the facts of each case in question can demonstrate that the taxpayer is indeed entitled to a repayment of tax/Class 4, then you should overwhelm HMRC with documentary evidence of the case, tell them politely but firmly to go away and also to call off their rottweiler Fraud Squad bloke.......end of

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18th Sep 2013 00:21

How to check an agent.

How would I check an agents registration, it is not clear from the HMRC website. Just looking at a couple of sites tonight, one has an agent id eg A1234B and a money laundering registration id. Another simply states

"Our planning is fully approved by and registered with HMRC and are not tax schemes" Is there a difference between tax planning and tax advice? any good guidance links appreciated.

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