HMRC upgrades mobile PAYE tax app

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John Stokdyk
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HMRC has updated its free tax calculation app.

Designed for individual taxpayers rather than advisers, HMRC’s Tax Calc comes in Apple, Android and web browser versions. The functionality is very basic: users enter their weekly/monthly/annual gross pay and the app spits out a quick summary of PAYE deductions and take home pay.

The latest version of the app refines the calculation with the ability to enter a tax code, and provides more information on the different rates of income tax and national insurance that are charged. As yet, the program has no facility for self-employed taxpayers to work out their sums, which would raise its usefulness up a notch or two.

What sets HMRC’s app apart from other run-of-the-mill tax calculators is that it comes with a breakdown of what your tax is...

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16th Jun 2016 08:13

Hi I used to love this app yet now I cannot use it to calculate how much tax I would get or how much tax credits I would be due taking a lower wage - what has happened?

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