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IR35: Agencies in trouble too


David Kirk has further bad news for agencies that stand between the client and the worker in off-payroll chains from April 2021.

14th Oct 2020
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UPDATE 15 OCTOBER: In a twist to the story, HMRC has acknowledged the problems that stand between the client and the worker in the off payroll chains from April next year.  

HMRC officials met with key stakeholders including the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) on 14 October to discuss the recent issues emerging out of off-payroll reforms.

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Replies (3)

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By Sypies
16th Oct 2020 07:18
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Replying to Sypies:
David Kirk profile image
By David Kirk
16th Oct 2020 08:58

Thanks but that doesn't alter my point: the legislation is going to need changing to bring it in line with HMRC's intentions and it looks as though they acknowledge that. Also their statement does not cover the position on agencies which this partiuclar article was about - only umbrellas.

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By Mr J Andrews
16th Oct 2020 15:02

Generally , if legislation needs to be amended to comply with the intentions of HMRC ,then it's time to kiss the system Goodbye

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