Italian authorities tackle Maradona's tax debt

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Former Argentine footballer and national coach Diego Maradona has been caught by the hand of the Italian taxman.

Best known in the UK for his 'Hand of God' goal during the 2-1 Argentina World Cup win over England in 1986, Maradona reportedly worked up...

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24th Oct 2013 12:57


"Best known in the UK for his 'Hand of God' goal during the 2 - 1 Argentina World Cup win over England in 1986 ".

Is he not best known in the UK for being, arguably, the best player in the world ever?

Lazy lazy phrase...

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24th Oct 2013 16:10

steady on

the best player in the world ever

close but no cigar


di steffano , moore , pele , banks , eusebio , beckenbauer , ronaldo , messi , c ronaldo, best - to many but a few who in my opninion were better

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25th Oct 2013 09:35

They are all excellent players

But as far as Im concerned there are two who are right up there, Maradona and Pele.  The rest don't come close.

Messi and C Ronaldo are getting there.

I think the length of time a player does it at the top level and what they do for club AND country dictates this.

Pele was around forever and won world cups galore (albeit in a great brazil team) so he would probably just edge it for me as the best ever, hence why i said "arguably" above.

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By Eyrie
25th Oct 2013 11:40

No mention of his other goal in that game when he danced through half the England team?

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25th Oct 2013 13:27

Italian tax man : Diego we are freezing the 79 office blocks and other immmovable assets domiciled in italy pending your xyz million euro settlement .. plus penalties and interest racking up daily .

Maradonna : I have no assets in italy , they are all in the name of my dog called rosy lea cuppatea.

Taxman : Wrong ! we know tbat is a mr redknappms dog and he lives in a monte carlo bank vault

Mara : No ... Harry sold it to me and he now lives in a swiss chalet in gstaad from which he administers my ..... i mean his .. italian affairs

Taxman : Then we ll mate him with an italian lady dog and we can then claim judicial administrative assistance from the swiss on the basis the offspring has italian nationality and locus

Mara : He s been neutered .

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28th Oct 2013 13:56

The problem is clear

Mr Maradona has been working on a 'cash in hand of God' basis.

Greatest player ever of the sport of football? There is more than one way of measuring greatness.  But the guy I'm thinking of is the best by the measures that really count - talent, ability to inspire others, loyalty, sportsmanship and esteem.  Here's his record:

Club games            807  (758 for one club)

Club goals              260

International games 106

International goals    49

Bookings                  0

Dismissals               0

Who can be first to name him?

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28th Oct 2013 14:44

i am really strugling with this

it sounds like bobby charlton , but did he play for anyone but Man U?  is the answer british?


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29th Oct 2013 12:15


As well as managing them (not very successfully) Sir Bobby turned out for Preston NE for a few games at the end of his illustrious career.

I believe he also played for an Irish club briefly, but I'd need an expert to confirm that.  Usually someone pops up and says 'I was there when...'

His nomination as the greatest stems from the fact that there is more to greatness than goals and medals.  There is the question of what a player contributed overall to the game of football. That's why Charlton and Pele stand out head and shoulders above others such as Maradona, Messi and Best.  Charlton just shades it over Pele because err... he's British.

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29th Oct 2013 15:17

go on then ...
i ll say billy wright but i recall he only played 105 times for england and as what we called in the old days a wing half no way he scored that number of goals .

not our booby ( moore) was it ???

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29th Oct 2013 15:39

No it was Charlton I was thinking of

I think Moore was once sent off.  Correct me if I'm wrong. Doubtless it was a youthful indiscretion for otherwise he too was a great ambassador.  You can see in the famous photo of Moore and Pele embracing the depth of the esteem they held for each other.

Wright was never sent off.  I don't think I've ever seen a clip of him playing so I can't judge if he was equal in talent to the others here.  But 105 caps - in a career that presumably started late due to WWII - speaks for itself.

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30th Oct 2013 14:36

a word for
Sir Stanley

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30th Oct 2013 15:29

Sir Stanley

I read somewhere - possibly his autoboigraphy - that in his young days at Stoke City he used to travel to home matches on the (public) bus, chatting away to fans. 

A different world.

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