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Jump in furlough numbers as lockdown hits hard

The number of furloughed workers in the UK rose by 700,000 to 4.7m in January during the third coronavirus lockdown, according to HMRC figures.

2nd Mar 2021
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Closed shops in Ebbw Vale, Wales, due to coronavirus

The hospitality sector, hit hardest by the crisis, furloughed 1.15m people, up 3% from December. It had the highest take-up of firms, with 65% of businesses applying for help. Hospitality, retail and leisure accounted for more than half of all furloughed staff in the UK.

The wholesale and retail sector also took a big step backwards, with 938,500 jobs supported, up from a low of 356,400 in October. The number was still below April’s peak of 1.85m.

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme pays up to 80% of salaries to those who cannot work because of Covid-19 restrictions.

More than 11m jobs have tapped the scheme since its inception.

At the peak of the crisis, May 2020, around three-in-ten private sector employees were furloughed, some 8.9m in total. Recent ONS data suggested furloughing rates have soared again in January.

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Replies (2)

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Chris M
By mr. mischief
03rd Mar 2021 09:34

That's certainly the case in my own client base, where Jan and feb were heavy claiming months again. Businesses which had been trading again with no furloughs, for example in the legal and EPOS supply sector, were on part-time working again.

For now the fearful are fully in charge of the UK economy. But personally I think the fearful will be firmly in the back seat before long.

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Replying to mr. mischief:
By moneymanager
04th Mar 2021 13:13

"For now the fearful are fully in charge of the UK economy."

They are not in charge at all, they are totally out of control

But personally I think the fearful will be firmly in the back seat before long.

I wish I had your confidence, far too many of the fearfull have either no real notion of what is being done to us (the destruction of everything that makes a functional society, removal or the destruction of assets, ditto, privacy, political rights, you name it), while those in office and obviously REALLY fearfull because they DO know what is happening and are so far under the thumb that for entirely self preservation reasons will simply do as they are told; the "preppers" are about to be proved right.

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