Kahn loses takeaway VAT appeal

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An owner of a takeaway food business has lost an appeal against a VAT bill, reports Nick Huber.

Mamunr Rashid Khan - Mr R Kahn t/a Khan Tandoori II, Khan Tandoori (NW) Limited and the commissioners for HMRC (UKUT 224 (TCC) - ran the takeaway business as a sole trader until 2005, when he set up a company, of which he was sole director, to take over the enterprise.

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I’m a specialist business journalist and have a particular interest in tax and technology. 


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10th Sep 2012 14:56

The crystal ball

The Tribunal must have been looking into the same crystal ball as the people who made the assessment!. It is difficult to obtain a reasonable result when "assessed". Too much power by sub standard staff in my case which cost me £10,000.00, totally wrong.

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10th Sep 2012 15:20

Fly on the Wall

Would love to be a fly on the wall sometimes.

I wonder if HMRC considered the Income and corporation tax uplifts with the same figures?

And the directors loan drawn in cash!! could hardly have been a dividend!!

If not why not? as this was potentially the larger sum evaded ???

That will be a resounding "not our department" then?? anybody still wonder why we have a deficit?

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