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Massive task to reform tax admin


HMRC is asking for views on aspects of the tax administration system; its relationship with taxpayers, how it uses taxpayer’s information, and how tax payments and repayments can be accelerated.

4th Jun 2021
Tax writer
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Two “calls for evidence” have been issued as part of HMRC’s overall 10-year strategy, which seeks to replace a system which is, in parts, half a century old with one more suitable for the 21st century.

One major driver for this strategy is to reduce the tax gap, but there is also a recognition that the existing ramshackle system can create friction between HMRC and taxpayers, leading to an “us and them” mentality, reducing public trust in the system.

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Replies (3)

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By North East Accountant
07th Jun 2021 13:49

There is no point in responding as HMRC won't listen and will do what they want anyway.

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By paul.benedek
08th Jun 2021 11:00

Another death knell for small businesses where the desire is to tax more and more, reduce cash flow to a trickle and force people to work for free or for the "big boys"! HMRC have no idea about business, investment, cash flow, overheads and the increasing burdens that they are placing upon us.

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By GHarr497688
09th Jun 2021 20:21

HMRC do not deal with Tax Payers so they have no idea what an Accountant endures on a day to day basis. They have no idea of "customer" demands or understand that the TaxPayer pays the Accountant. They live in an ideal world were costs and staffing are not an issue. Until they take on a proper business model they won't get real. I would say that MTD will bring a tax system where Taxpayers file rubbish , unchecked figures that HMRC won't be able to police. Accountants will be fewer which means they will cost more to the Consumer . Im out - can't even be bothered to type about it.

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