Most wanted tax fugitive jailed

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Rachael Power
Community Correspondent
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One of the UK’s most wanted tax fugitives, Magdalena Ferkova, was jailed this week at Nottingham Crown Court.

The Czech Republic national was sentenced to five years in prison for her part in a £1.2m benefit fraud.

She was part of a five-strong family gang who duped people into coming to the UK as ‘benefit tourists’. The gang duped vulnerable nationals from Slovakia and the Czech Republic into coming to Nottingham, where they were told they would be given jobs.

But in reality, the foreign nationals’ passports were...

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12th Apr 2014 04:23

How do these criminals obtain bank accounts and NI numbers

Its my experience that to open a bank account you must show various documents ie your name and address etc.....124 bank accounts opened !

As for NI numbers have to jump through hoops to get one of these with a face to face interview at a Job Centre etc

What am I doing wrong!

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12th Apr 2014 13:19

is the heading right?
One of the most wanted tax fugitive?

Is the 5 year sentence enough? Compare this to the Cornish accountant with 7 years.

We have tax credit fraud, people trafficking, fleaing and being one of the most wanted tax fugitive.

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14th Apr 2014 15:13

How a bank account could be opened without observing KYC norms? Were the bank officials also in collusion?

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