MPs to scrutinise overseas tax proposals

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Members of the Treasury Select Committee will examine George Osborne’s recently announced plans to "get tough" on overseas tax evasion.

Over the weekend the chancellor announced new measures including a new criminal offence punishable by a prison sentence for hiding tax offshore. 

To prosecute at present HMRC has to...

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    15th Apr 2014 09:41

    Are George Osborne's Ancestros North Korean?

    I am amazed that three days has gone by and no one has commented on this report.

    It seems that our Chancellor and HMRC (abetted by Mr Gauke and Mr Alexander) are quite happy to abandon the well established rule of law which says that all are innocent until proven guilty, provided that the subject is "tax". We now have the prospect of retrospective legislation as well, not forgetting the threatened raid on bank accounts.

    Is it only me or does no one else care about this.

    Perhaps not. Based on recent commentary on various matters related to tax it seems that most of the accountants who do comment have signed up for subscriptions to the Morning Star.

    A life long Conservative voter I have now decided to vote UKIP to guarantee that we get rid of this hypocritical shower.

    To finish on a more positive note, isn't it nice to see that the Hypocrit in Cheif  - Margaret Hodge MP - has lost much of her tax sheltered wealth with the demise of Stemcor.



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    23rd Apr 2014 17:00

    Given that our Prime Minister

    Is sitting on inherited wealth that came from his father advising people how to hide their money offshore to avoid UK tax, there's some serious chutzpah in these proposals.

    Be interesting to see what that other lover of complex offshore tax planning Margaret Hodge makes of these should the PAC ever get their hands on them...

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