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AccountingWEB this week opened its new Business Tax Library, an at-a-glance resource designed to give accountants in business quick answers to their tax questions.

Drawing on content from the AccountingWEB archive, Any Answers queries and expert whitepapers, the library presents a menu of common tax topics that links to reference articles and regulatory updates.

The project is supported by a number of specialist tax advisers including Gabelle, Venntax and The Capital Allowances Partnership.

Over time, AccountingWEB and our content partners will update the Business Tax Library to take account of new developments and to add in a wider range of explanations on issues ranging from payroll and PAYE to VAT, P11Ds and business expenses rules.

Selections from the library will be featured in our fortnightly Business Bulletin and other email newswires. Make sure your subscriptions menu is up to date  to get regular notifications about this content.

“We have been planning this project for some time as a way to meet demand from our business members for technical tax content,” said AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk.

“There is such a great exchange of useful tax advice on the site through our Any Answers page and from all the experts who visit the site that sometime some of the best material gets lost in the flow. The Business Tax Library gives us a way to retrieve some of the best bits and to make them more accessible to all of our members.

“As always, we’re keen to hear what our members think of it and feedback on how we can make it better.”

Find out what's available by visiting the Business Tax Library and investigating the topic links.


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01st Nov 2012 07:53


Will there be a link to the library on the home page?

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01st Nov 2012 08:56

Yes - we're working on it now

There will be a link, taxhound. There's no room for it on the top navigation bar, but one of the promotional panels beneath the News and Any Answers section will  - point to it, with similar signposts on the Tax and Business pages. We just wanted to tell people about the page in today's Business Bulletin, and will follow up with a little promotional campaign to make members more aware of it. Thanks for your interest; any other feedback is very welcome.

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By agadza
01st Nov 2012 09:28

Please remember not-for-profits.

Will it be possible too include information about how each section/heading applies to not-for-profits? It will be very welcome, especially in the VAT section. Thanks.

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01st Nov 2012 09:49

Great idea

Many thanks for the suggestion, agadza - we'll get to work on it straight away.

However, I'll have to alert you now that we pushed our backroom categorising system to its limit to extract the material on different topics. We will probably not be able to add separate subsections as you request such as charities/VAT or charities/expenses, and will most likely insert a new "Charities" heading.

But you should be able to find relevant info and cases relevant to not-for-profits by clicking "VAT", or VAT-related items under the "Charities" heading.

The library is designed to be a starting point for fairly basic background material, and I'm sorry we may not be able to accommodate slightly more specialist needs more efficiently. But if you did have a particularly troublesome or obscure query in this area, you could try asking the experts in our Charities discussion group.

Even if we can't meet your request in full, it's still a very good idea that we'll tuck away for the future in case we can devise a cleverer interface to our archived material.

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By agadza
01st Nov 2012 11:50

Many thanks, John.

I have just joined the Charities Group. Many thanks.

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