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The government has published a list of 25 employers who failed to pay the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to their employees.

The publication by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is part of new measures introduced in October 2013 that allows the 'naming and shaming' of offenders. In February, a list of five businesses were the first to make the list. 

Collectively, the 25 UK-based employers owe more than £43,000 in arrears to workers, and will have to pay £21,000 in penalties.

Under the new measures, employers that fail to pay workers the NMW also face new penalties of up to £20,000, four times higher than before. 

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By hiu612
13th Jun 2014 11:37

Small beer

£43k between 25 employers, and there is nearly £17k of that attributable to the 3 employers mentioned in the article. There was all that fuss made last year about big firms abusing intern status and failing to pay any wages to persons classed as employees. Seems like a much more worthwhile target than poor old Sunshack Ltd, who've failed to pay a whole £134 t 8 workers. They'll each be able to buy a pint when they get their windfall

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