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No accounting for taste

No Accounting for Taste ep35: Bridging the MTD software gap

7th Mar 2019
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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On this week’s No Accounting for Taste: the world’s largest weed business makes a dopey spreadsheet error, bridging the MTD software gap, and tax-evading dogs.

The pod team are back in the AccountingWEB studios after last week’s QuickBooks connect jaunt with the who’s who of AccountingWEB’s editorial team. Joining the podcast this week are tax titan Rebecca Cave, John Stokdyk, Richard Hattersley, Francois Badenhorst, and back in the host chair is editor Tom Herbert.   

From the world’s largest legal weed business having its accounts go up in smoke after a spreadsheet error to HMRC’s ‘scandalous’ pursuit of penalties from a homeless man, this week's most read stories provided plenty for the panel to chew over.

With the spectre of Making Tax Digital deadline looming the team then dedicated part of the regular ‘deep dive’ discussion to bridging software. And to mark international women’s day, inclusivity in the profession goes under the microscope.  

Here are the links to the stories discussed on the pod:


Podcast producer: Valme Claro

If you’d like to comment on the pod, send us a story or just tell us how wonderful we are, you can reach us on [email protected].

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By david.bransbury
08th Mar 2019 08:27

Tom, you must be a fan of Andy Zaltman's "pun runs" on the Bugle podcast.

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Replying to david.bransbury:
By Tom Herbert
08th Mar 2019 08:57

Guilty as charged David. His dog pun run deserves to be put in the V&A!


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