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No Accounting for Taste ep40: Why are company cars so fiddly?

17th May 2019
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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No accounting for taste

In this week’s No Accounting for Taste podcast, we ask when is a van actually a company car? What’s happening at Uber? And how do you cope with people? Plus we have the usual headlines and news, which this week includes a naughty celebrity accountant.

It’s like an episode of Top Gear this week, as accounting petrol heads have stories on just why it is so fiddly to tell a car from a van and with so much money sloshing around fintech at the moment, we also look at what’s happening with ride-hailing app Uber.

Host Richard Hattersley is joined in the AccountingWEB pod studio this week by John Stokdyk, Rebecca Cave and Francois Badenhorst.

Headlines and discussion points

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By Tom Herbert
17th May 2019 08:45

*This is an updated version of the pod, as an old version was upload in error. Our apologies for this.

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