One of HMRC's most wanted tax fugitives jailed

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One of HMRC’s top 20 most wanted tax fugitives was jailed for four-and-a-half years after he absconded the USA.

Computer company Clear Technology director Jonathan Nugent, 53, was charged with £5.5m VAT fraud in 1998, but escaped to California in 2000 while on bail.

The formerly Warrington-based director was named as one of the Revenue’s most wanted on their ‘Most Wanted’ list released last year.

Nugent was also linked to a £22m...

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By chatman
07th Jun 2013 17:31

Not Dave then.

I thought this was going to be about Dave Hartnett.

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10th Jun 2013 14:20

one at least anyway

"HMRC assistant director of criminal investigation Mike O’ Grady said: “Today’s sentence demonstrates that we do not forget or give up on tax fraud cases, whatever the time lapse from offence to capture."


Well one at least any way? There's just so many. Most get away with it.

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18th Jun 2013 22:37

But what we all want to know if he filed his US income tax returns and FBARs when he lived there to report his worldwide income and gains to the IRS - or is he going to be imprisoned in the United States one day as well for criminally evading his US filing and tax obligations as well?

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