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One of the stragglers in Lord Carter’s march to universal online filing is the P11D Expenses and Benefits form and its siblings. While online versions and filing mechanisms are available, it is still possible to submit P11Ds and P11D(b)s on paper.

With government, business and accountants all looking for more efficiencies, it’s time for HMRC’s expenses and benefits forms to go fully digital. If you have not already done so, time is short – this article tells you how to go about it.P11D efiling tips

HMRC’s website advises that P11Ds should be filed for directors and employees earning £8,500 or more per year (including benefits). The deadline is 6 July.

P11D(b) declarations...

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20th May 2010 12:09

Online filing of P11d and P9d available with MyPAYE Online Payro


Great article, but we missed out in the listing  we have full online filing of P11d and P9d and lots more at our price point of £1 per month per employee paid.

We have thousends of people using the system now and have been filing results with HMRC for the last 4 years.

We also have a Free Partner Program for Accountants and Payroll professionals and link to Kashflow, Sage 50, Xero and economic Accounting solutions too. New feature just released is Online Bacs at 20p per wage transfer with cone click.

We think our product is worth a look.


Neil Seekings

Sales Director MyPAYE

[email protected]

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20th May 2010 13:23

Just to clarify the article's listing

Neil, the short selection of suppliers here does not represent the fully spectrum of what's available - I picked out ones where AccountingWEB members had offered their opinions or where there I had some personal knowledge or interest. As you have done, I asked members for their suggestions and comments on apps that were not included.

But the article also mentions that P11Ds will often be handled by tax and payroll applications such as yours. It would not really be feasible to overhaul a company's entire payroll/practice software suite in time to meet the July P11D deadlines, so for the sake of brevity I didn't include those suppliers (including

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20th May 2010 20:04

Employers CD-Rom

You can use the Employer's CD-ROM to submit P11D's electroincally - I did all ours last week, and it worked fine, if a little slowly, and it also allows you to print out a form for each employee.  It's under 'Fill in forms with save option' on the Employees tab.

The only difficulty is with getting a copy of all the forms in one pdf file to archive.



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21st May 2010 09:09

P11d software

Liberty Accounts bookeeping and accounting software allows data captured throughout the year which then populates the P11d which in turn can be submitted on line automatically to HMRC. Regular submission reports can be run across all clients to get a snapshot of all clients submission progress at any time.

It works very well.

Steve Blissett

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