Pistol carrying tax inspector heads Philippines war on evasion

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Nick Huber
Freelance journalist
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A gun-carrying chief tax collector in the Philippines is trying to tackle tax evasion and corruption.

Kim Henares began carrying a semi-automatic pistol eight months after becoming the Philippines’ chief tax collector, and her shooting instructor was the country's president, Bloomberg reported.

Since she took over the hundred-year-old Bureau of Internal Revenue three years ago, Henares has attacked one of the most common forms of corruption in the country: Not paying taxes.

She has filed more than 180 tax-evasion complaints, investigated former world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and...

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06th Sep 2013 11:42

Tax Collection

In Ukraine the tax police wear balaclavas (what else since Crimea is part of their country) carry guns and have shot members of the public.

There is a video somewhere on you tube I recall. If someone can find it pls post the link

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06th Sep 2013 12:52

Our lot

drink coffee at Starbucks.

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