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Pre-Budget: Live Report

5th Dec 2005
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Budget 2004
Live Report as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, delivers his eighth annual Budget statement.

* * *
# UK has been tested by both domestic and global pressures.

# On course to meeting inflation target of 2%.

# House prices moderated to 3%.

# Inflation lower than the US and the EU and on course to meet inflation target this year, next year and the year after.

# 34th continued quarter of growth. Growth this year would be 1.75%. Forecast growth would be 2-2.5% in 2006 and 2.75-3.25% in 2007 and 2008.

# 5th successive year of growth - higher than European Union. Business investment will increase by 3%.

# Exports to increase by 5% this year and next. Overall growth 2-2.5% this year.

# Employment risen by 330,000 to 28.8 million.

# Network of innovation centres supported by a national headquarters in London

# New Deal- training wage for teenagers in eight regions. Pilots extended

# Doubled investment in education

# New planning guidelines to bridge the gap between housebuilding and housing needs. Local Authorities obliged to speed up planning consent.

# Government will set up Real Estate Investment Tusts

# Pilot projects to encourage LAs to bring derelict land back into use

# Share equity plans extended

# Flexible VAT payments for small businesses

# On target with civil service reductions and relocations

# Rise in investment allowances for smaller business of up to 50%

# New Film tax credit worth 16% for large budget films and 20% for small budget films

# Extension of anti-avoidance disclosures

# Record public investment

# Budget deficit would fall from £19 billion last year to £10 billion this year and £4 billion next year, before the books were balanced and there began to be surpluses.

# Debt levels lower than major competitors, borrowing lower than competitors. Net borrowing in 2005/6 34 billion - equivalent to 2.2% of GDP, falling to 1.6% in 2006/7 and 1.4% over the coming years

# Sustainable investment rule met

# £135 million allocated for security and counter terrorism

# Tax credits. From next year will allow annual income changes of up to £25,000.


# Enhanced capital allowances for production of biofuels

# Further funding for Carbon Trust

# Winter payment increased to £200 for rest of labour government and £300 for the over 80s. More help for pensioners with insulation and energy saving.

# Petrol and diesel charges frozen for entire year

# Extra £305 million to help with council tax.

# Unclaimed assets in bank accounts will go to help youth and community facilities. New national youth community service to fund gap years for youngsters who could not otherwise afford it

# Creation of national sports foundation.


Replies (3)

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By andrewjlane
05th Dec 2005 16:41

0% CT band gone!
Blaming us as usual, we are to revert to a straight 19% CT rate on profits to £300k per PN1 on the HMRC website - no hint of Gordon saying he got it wrong though.

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By User deleted
05th Dec 2005 16:56

Tax Credits - £25,000 annual change in income!!!
If this isn't an admission that the current system isn't working, then what is?

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By AnonymousUser
06th Dec 2005 08:56

no residential property tax relief for SSIP's
what will the Daily Mail write about now ?

no 0% corp tax rate and NCD's - presumably from 1 april 2006 ??

if GB didnt want us to use his tax advantages why bring them in in the first place ? your votes ?

definitely case of one hand gives and the other takes away....

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