Pre Budget Report 2009: Darling to introduce income tax shake up

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Accounting firm MacIntyre Hudson recently released its predictions ahead of this year’s Pre-Budget Report, including details of possible income tax changes.

Following the announcement of a new 50% rate of income tax for earnings over £150,000, the firm expects that the chancellor will restore the personal allowance for earnings over £100,000 a year, but may also reduce the threshold for those paying the new 50p top rate of income tax to apply to earnings over £110,000 a year.

“The scheme to claw back the personal allowance created a marginal rate of tax of 60%. As comfortable as they may be with a return to 50p in the pound, Labour would do well to distance itself from rates reminiscent of the reign of Dennis...

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By GaryMc
30th Oct 2009 12:37

Slow news day?

Why do we now have multiple articles on the same story?  A story that is just a guess at what might happen in the future at that?

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