RTI pioneers happy with new regime

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John Stokdyk
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HMRC is claiming that RTI has lived up to expectations for reducing the burden of online payroll filing, despite evidence of technical problems experienced by 36% of participants in a pilot user experience study.

The tax department has come under fire for glossing over difficulties and problems in official reports and documents, most notably in a previous RTI pilot scheme report that took a very different tack from the NAO’s analysis of the project.

The latest report is based on a continuing survey with firms that opted into the RTI pilot scheme in the year preceding mandatory PAYE efiling.

While the methodology and conclusions of the independent market research firm TNS BRMB are not under question...

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By Kazmc
21st Oct 2013 08:33


We had 150 payrolls in the pilot and no-one asked us our opinion, so who did they ask?  The pilot for us was one complete shambles and I would NEVER put ourselves forward for any other type of pilot with HMRC... EVER!!

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21st Oct 2013 11:27

RTI Filing

As a bureau RTI filing does have a few minor issues, the main one being that we now run payroll everyday of the week rather than twice a week as we are awash with weekly payrolls - the kind that were only looked at quarterly before!  However and this is where the problems come, some of our clients are failing to pay in accordance with the payrolls we are running based on the information they supply.  We can't do anything about this and they, despite numerous letters, emails and telephone calls DO NOT CARE as it all comes out in the wash at the end of the year in their book.

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By Wieslaw
21st Oct 2013 11:51

Mostly works...

For the main part RTI works, but there are still lots of HMRC holes...

HMRC will still accept a submission for a closed PAYE scheme, so if you get a new client who gives you old scheme numbers you can happily file away for months, with the data just going in to HMRC space and you getting a submission receipt! An error message would be useful!

It has increased our workload by double easily, even using batch processing software. Our costs have not matched the increase.

HMRC have issues with not being able to process EPS data with no values.

With the £100 per month fines coming into effect soon, it will create more pressure on us to chase clients by deadlines, increase workload, and reduce margins...

The amount of time wasted ringing HMRC is however the biggest problem, when it is clearly a mistake at their end.

It is not a problem that is going away soon, and with the lack of support from HMRC will continue to reduce confidence in the system and HMRC in general.

Sometimes you get a HMRC operative that is candid and tells you it's a known problem, but you have to force them into a corner for them to be honest!




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By rico
21st Oct 2013 13:17

rti filing

the report in question should anyone care to read it is at


this report would make Herr Goebbels blush. although i am supportive of RTI and the aim of getting better info earlier i am fed up with HMRC claiming that doing something up to 52 to 70 times a year (weekly FPS + EPS + ANY CORRECTIONS)  is going to cost less than doing it once. Submitting an RTI file is no different than submitting a P35. we where contacted to take part in the survey but after 5 mins of questions with fixed answers which had little reference to our experience and so aimed at getting the answer HMRC wanted that we declined to finish the survey as it was impossible to convey our points. we ask that this be passed on but obviously nobody listened. this has been typical of the entire project.

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