Sage Taxation Self Assessment Surgery: 17-31 Jan

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With the self assessment tax return deadline looming once again, Rebecca Benneyworth will be on hand to discuss the latest developments, service issues and work-arounds to help you tackle the workload.

Her annual online self assessment clinic opens today and will support accountants during the final two weeks of the tax season.

The online help service is provided free of charge for Sage Taxation customers. Those wishing to enlist Rebecca’s help should register here to take part and put their questions to her.

However, even if you’re not a Sage customer, you can still log on and see how the conversation unfolds at the bottom of this page. We will endeavour to put queries posted here to Rebecca too, but they will have to wait until Rebecca has dealt with Sage user queries.

While next year could be a little more challenging with new child benefit and capital allowances regimes to cope with, AccountingWEB’s resident tax expert is expecting a quiet tax season on the technical front, but is anticipating the return of “old chestnuts” such as dealing with clients without UTRs, or people who have only just come forward with several years’ tax returns and penalties to unravel.

If you have queries related to completing or filing tax returns for your clients, then drop into the surgery to post your question. Rebecca will respond as soon as she is free.

She will be on duty during normal office hours between 17 and 31 January, but won’t be glued to the screen at all times. Don’t expect instant answers, but all serious queries will be dealt with.

Not a Sage customer? You will still be able to read the questions and answers below.

Can't see the chat box below? Email us on [email protected] and let us know.

For access to a wealth of self assessment support videos, technical tips, user-friendly ‘how to’ guides and more visit

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24th Jan 2013 09:11

CGT in a trust question

hi cant get the Sage link to work so am asking question here! I have a query re PPR in a trust.  Husband died 2010, left his half of house to wife.  She went into a home in July 11 and 50% house was put into trust via a deed of variation to the will.  House was then sold in March 2012.  Can I claim principal private residence relief so no CGT is due on the sale of the house in the trust?

Any advice very welcome!

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24th Jan 2013 10:11

Hi Rebecca

If a PAYE client has rental income during 2011/12 and hasn't notified HMRC of the need to complete a tax return I would normally complete SA1 which has the option on the back to select that you have income from land and property. With time being of the essence I can't see a similar option when trying to notify HMRC online. Any suggestions?


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24th Jan 2013 12:48

Hi Rebecca

A tax return has been submitted today but needs to be corrected to add further dividends and reimbursed expenses were entered incorrectly. What is the procedure to correct and re-submit please?


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By G4i£
28th Jan 2013 12:10

Tax payment
Hi i hve my own cleaning services company an am the sole director and shareholder. I need to pay myself a wage which at the moment is c.£200 a MONTH. Although this is set to increase due to pending contracts im wondering on whether i need to pay tax to hmrc and on whether i nees an external accountant to so it for me or can i do it myself even if j sont have a practising certificate.

Any helpful advice would be great

Thanks all

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By Lyndaw
28th Jan 2013 14:27

Pension Payment

Hi Rebbeca


I sent you a query with regard to Higher Rate relief on an occupational pension where the person had only got basic rate tax relief at source but his total income was higher rate.  Did you manage to have a look at the tax return to see where it should be entered as I cannot find an appropriate box on the tax return.  I could not see a response from you  re this

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28th Jan 2013 16:24

Sorry for the hold up

Thanks for all the posts so far and please accept our apologies that your questions haven't been answered yet. We've had a few problems both at our end and Rebecca's, which made it hard for her to handle non-Sage questions until this morning.

The way is clear, so I'll start feeding some of the queries here to here. You should see your questions and answers appear in the live log above, but I'll PM anyone when there's are answered.

For some reason, the answer to Rosie's question didn't show up on this page. If anyone else is faced with the same problem, here is what Rebecca said: "The PPR is available to trustees when the property is occupied by the beneficiary of the trust as their PPR. So if the trust was set up with the widow as the beneficiary, then PPR would be available on the disposal. I hope that answers the question."

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29th Jan 2013 17:12

@Ivan Shannon

Here is Rebecca's reply to your query: 

"Your best bet is to use the normal SA1 process to register the client as there is no penalty for a late return if the return has not yet been issued. It will take around 4 - 6 weeks to get a UTR then you can do the return online. Meanwhile you client should pay their tax using their NI number as a reference - you can print a payslip for this from HMRC's website. Go to where you can enter the details and print off a payslip... Paying the tax now will reduce possible late notification penalty to nil"

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30th Jan 2013 11:08


Please can you advise how to treat the capital allowances pool when a FHL cannot qualify as FHL as it cannot satisfy all the required conditions. It is therfore treated as property income in 2010/11. . Can the whole pool be wrtten off in the year of change or in 2011/12  and wear and tear allowances claimed in future years.


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By Lyndaw
30th Jan 2013 17:42

Hi Rebecca, I have a client who was both employed and self employed during the tax year. He ceased self employment and had about 2 months employment under PAYE in which he earned below the Higher Rate threshold, although his total Gross Taxable income was in in the Higher Rate band. My question is regarding his occupational pension that was taken out via his Salary. Obviously he only received basic rate tax relief on the pension payments via his salary, but can he claim the extra higher rate tax relief on these pension payments. There is nowhere on the tax return to claim for this and it specifically says in the HMRC guidance that tax relief is always given at source. Is he not entitled to HR tax relief, because if he had had all his income under PAYE and was a higher rate tax relief then he would have automatically had the HR tax relief at source.   You part answered this question but were going to look where I could put the claim on his tax return but did not get back to me .

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06th Feb 2015 11:42

locum medical income
Hi I have one client who is a medical professionals. He is normal working as a GP with annual salary. He works now and then as a locum shift where he earn some extra. I want to ask do he need to submit a SA tax return for this income and do he need to pay extra na as well your comments would be much appreciated.

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