Suppliers winning iXBRL battle

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John Stokdyk
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The majority of Corporation Tax suppliers are ahead of schedule on their iXBRL projects according to HMRC's Julian Hatt.

“Confidence is timetables is greater and some of the vendors have gone public with releases earlier than we expected,” he told at the tax department's iXBRL conference at Chelsea football ground in London on Wednesday.

“People have been pleasantly surprised by the range of solutions – not just the number, but the variety too. There are different ways to tackle this challenge.”

Around 500 people attended the event, including a veritable who’s who of the tax and practice software industry including iXBRL pioneer David Forbes; Digita founder Jeremy Rihll on behalf of Thomson Reuters; CCH’s Paul Brace; Andrew Bolton...

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By metcalr
02nd Jul 2010 06:32

HMRC day - a Supplier's view

Just like to say "Thanks" to HMRC for putting on the exhibition and inviting all suppliers with an interest in iXBRL to come along free of charge.  I have rarely seen such a well attended event and at times (especially during the morning) there was a queue of people at our stall (I thought that manning the stall with 4 people would be enough!)  A large proportion of attendees were armed with Notepads to feed back options to their companies and a few even had a checklist of questions.  Interestingly a lot of the better prepared attendees had a printed copy of the HMRC Recognised software suppliers list and were making a bee-line for those names (yes, including us!) who were on the list. 



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