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Tax adviser Alison Houghton broke the habit of a lifetime by winning an Apple iPad in Venture Finance’s 2011 Budget Sweepstake.

Alison is a tax and private client manager at the Liverpool office of corporate law firm Brabner Chaffe Street and advises clients on specialist areas such as tax planning, trusts and inheritance.

This inside knowledge must have helped her accurately project the number of times Chancellor George Osborne would mention the words “business”, “growth” and “confidence” during his Budget speech. The exact words cropped up 35 times, and Alison said it would be 34.

A regular user of AccountingWEB, Alison told us she “never wins anything”. For once, we take great pleasure proving her wrong! The iPad is on its way to Merseyside now.

FirstTab gets free Tolley’s Guidance in Any Answers draw
One of AccountingWEB’s most active members was rewarded for his participation with a free month’s access to Tolley’s Guidance in the first of our monthly community prizes.

As part of its mission to promote wider awareness of the technical reference material that is available from its online Tolley’s Guidance resource, LexisNexis is giving away a free trial every month to a member drawn at random from the pool of AccountingWEB members who post questions on Any Answers.

FirstTab, a practitioner in south London, is one of the most energetic users of our Any Answers facility so it will come as no surprise to see his enthusiasm rewarded in this way.

After being informed of his prize, the south London-based practitioner told us, “It’s a double bonus. I get a great response from AccountingWEB members on questions I raise on Any Answers and now I get a free month’s use of Tolley’s Guidance! This will help me a great deal.”


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By bis613
24th Mar 2011 14:45

Incorrect competition answer!!

Without wishing to upset anybody, after having undertaken some of my own reserach I have discovered that your answer to the competition is wrong.

I have searched through the budget speech and counted the words accordingly. Here follows my reults:

"confidence": 0 times

"growth": 23 times

"business": 18 times

This clearly totals 41 mentions of the specified words, not 35.

Additionally, I understood that the word "businesses" in the plural should be included in this count as it includes the word "business". This appears a further 19 times, aggregating 60 mentions of the chosen words.

Please check again!

Thanks (0)
24th Mar 2011 15:20

Only the singular of business was included

Thank you for your post.

The three words included in quotes on the original entry page were the only ones that were counted. As Nicholas Parsons would tell you on 'Just a Minute', "business" and "businesses" are not the same word. I have asked my colleagues to review the overall count and will report back when they have done so.

Thanks (0)
24th Mar 2011 16:47

Well done First tab

See it does pay to post a question every 3 minutes.

Dont listen to those who say its not !

Thanks (0)