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Tax witch conjures curse for returns filer


A decade of tax return excuses boils down to a witches curse as HMRC reveals the most weird and wonderful self assessment excuses of the decade.

17th Jan 2020
Staff Writer AccountingWEB
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Fires are burning and cauldrons are bubbling for one cursed tax filer who wins the somewhat worthless prize from HMRC for the most ridiculous late filing excuse of the decade.

A witch’s curse claims a ‘special’ sourcery, preventing the filer in questions from submitting their return on time. It’s an enchanting tale that readers may have heard before, but not enough to charm HMRC into a deadline extension.

Naturally, a list of excuses for any unaccomplished chore would not be complete without the classic ‘the dog ate my homework’ response. Tax returns, which have been eaten by any variety of household pets over the last decade, will always be a staple alibi for any absent homework.

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