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Man hiding cash

Taxpayer hid money in mother’s bank account


Roger Whitlock took payments in cash, but banked only a proportion in his business account. His poor accounting records lead to HMRC issuing discovery assessments for £62,088.

14th Jul 2021
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This case (TC 08136) highlights the importance of being able to support tax return figures with good records.

Whitlock had been self-employed as a clearer of various domestic and commercial items since 2005. His 2015/16 tax return came to the attention of HMRC officers when they noticed that the income and expenses on his return appeared to have been rounded to the nearest £1,000.

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Replies (5)

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By memyself-eye
14th Jul 2021 18:50

Yawn ....and how many millions have been lost in the 'Top shop'/Philip Green empire fiasco

once again, the empire strikes back!

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By Justin Bryant
15th Jul 2021 11:07

Perhaps a better conclusion is to not regularly round to the nearest £1,000 so as to avoid an argument in the 1st place.

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
15th Jul 2021 14:39

Another argument against cash in the economy.

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By davidbrewster
16th Jul 2021 10:18

Why not just a question on the tax return "proportion of your business in cash"?

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By thestudyman
17th Jul 2021 13:47

This taxpayer had obviously not heard of an accountant...

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