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The Born Dull?! School of Rock

10th May 2005
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Heavy rock's gain was accountancy's loss back in 1968 when reluctant articled clerk Robert Plant turned his back on the profession to take up an offer from ace session guitarist Jimmy Page to join his new group, Led Zeppelin.

The life of a rock god followed, taking in massive stadium concerns, excess all areas and that immortal 'Stairway to Heaven'.

As a teenager in the West Midlands, Plant had latched on to the skiffle and blues booms of the early 1960s. Hearing Steve Winwood sing made him want to "chuck in the towel and walk away as he was so good", Plant told 'Uncut' magazine in a May interview.

"But I wasn't going to stay at the chartered accountants as an articled clerk. I knew there was another life, and my nostrils were starting to flare with the whole thing of it."

However, he admitted that he was on the point of quitting when the telegram came from Led Zeppelin's manager.

"I was seriously thinking of jacking it in and going back to the accountant's office because mine and Maureen's first child was on the way," he said.

This deep association with heavy rock rekindled a favourite theme on the Born Dull?! desk. What is it that connects crunching numbers with crunching guitar power chords?

Always on the look out for an excuse to indulge our guilty dancefloor pleasures, Born Dull?! wonders what are the air guitar anthems that would convince you to walk away from the ledgers and reports? (OK - maybe just the ones that manage to get you up for a bit of ritual air guitar humiliation) Are you mad for the Maiden or are you a sucker for AC/DC?

Move over Jimmy Page, Slash and Eddie Van Halen and show us your hot licks. Perhaps you have an embarrassing photo of a colleague in the throes of rock eurphoria that you could send in? Or perhaps you could let us know your top ten slabs of rock?

We would like to know what metal mayhem gets you on your knees in public, praying at the alter of rock!

Favourite air guitar anthems
1. Don't stop me now - Queen
2. Sweet child of mine ' Guns and Roses
3. Ace of spades ' Motorhead
4. Run to the hills ' Iron Maiden
5. Immigrant song ' Led Zeppelin
6. Run to you ' Bryan Adams
7. Back in Black ' AC/DC
8. Radar love - Golden Earring
9. Hold the line - Toto
10. White knight - Deep Purple

Some people take it a little bit too far. Check out the air guitar championship

Replies (8)

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By AnonymousUser
30th Jun 2005 03:58

Don't leave without these .......
Include Mambo (C)Rock, Jazzie, Samba(l), Tenesee Waltzzzzzzzzzz,..... all these sum up the lives of accountants holding an International Accountancy qualification from the UK, not recognised in Malaysia.

Whewwwwwww, what an absolutely high standard the MIA (malaysian Inst of accountants) has, which probably is the highest as MIA don't recognised AICPA.

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By AnonymousUser
20th May 2005 10:41

Obviously , it is gonna be ME
I never heard of any of 'em at all, means they no good!

Listen to me, mine is best!


BIG SHOW - Backlashed

Chuck Berry and the COMETS in Mambo Rock

Bill Halley and without the COMETS (COmets got stolen) in Rock Mambobochahahahahahaha

Yesterday by Bee Gees

Tomorrow by Beatles

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By AnonymousUser
20th May 2005 10:43

I am good in Sandy
I hope Jeniffer Presley is my partner.

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By AnonymousUser
10th May 2005 13:51

Aging Rockers choices
Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden
Aces High - Iron Maiden
Let there be Rock - ACDC
Lost for words - Iron Maiden
Child in Time Deep Purple
Phantom of the Opera - Iron Maiden
Surrender - Cheap Trick
Burn - Deep Purple

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By robinhough
10th May 2005 15:22

feeling old......
Aaah, 80's metal - my kind of forum!
Impressed that Gill has given Hanoi Rocks a mention.

1. Metallica - Whiplash
2. Iron Maiden - Transylvania/Strange World
3. Hanoi Rocks - Futurama
4. The Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop
5. Saxon - And The Bands Played On
6. Girlschool - Race With The Devil
7. AC/DC - For Those About To Rock
8. Bad Brains - Rock For Light
9. Queensryche - Gonna Get Close To You
10. Megadeth - Looking Down The Cross

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By AnonymousUser
10th May 2005 13:09

More monsters of rock
OK not all of these are known for causing mass air-guitar antics, but they definitely cause mayhem on the dancefloors I frequent. How about:

Metallica: Enter Sandman
Hanoi Rocks: Up around the Bend
The Cult: She Sells Sanctuary
Faith No More: Epic
Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train
Marilyn Manson: Personal Jesus
The Prodigy: Breathe
The Dead Kennedys: Holiday in Cambodia
Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing
The Damned: Smash it Up

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By User deleted
11th May 2005 08:24

Accountant rock gods, yeah!
Chaps & Lasses (not many of the latter into rock sadly),

If we are to indulge in a bit of rock, lets get the titles right?

'Black night' by Deep Purple! Another anthem from the lads 'Smoke on the Water' as the ultimate riff? 'We will rock you' by Queen. We don't even have to go back too far. How about 'Be my girl' by Jet?

Rock on, Tommy!

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By pgittins
13th May 2005 16:12

No contest ....
... the magical Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper".

Buck Dharma .... probably the most under-rated rock guitarist in the world!

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