Will the Agent Strategy come to fruition?

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Diana Bruce
Senior Policy Liaison Officer
Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
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In recent years you may have struggled to communicate with HMRC on behalf of your clients, via the myriad of helplines and online services which, were not exactly designed with an agent relationship in mind, says Diana Bruce.

So you would be forgiven for doubting the suggestion that HMRC is working hard to improve and develop services that look to place the agent firmly within the communication and submission processes that the modern business and tax world requires.

Let us take a look then at what has been happening with HMRC’s ‘strategy’ and ultimately with the development of services for agents and ask where they are now with their plans to help the agent community...

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  • What of the future with Government Digital Strategy?
  • Identity assurance
  • Agent Online Self Serve and IDA
  • User testing
  • Agent and Client Statistics (A&CS)
  • Other digital services in the pipeline
  • Clean data

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20th Jan 2014 21:12

Anyone notice this in the text?
HMRC IS aware that agents have concerns that poor client filing, payment or compliance data will automatically lead them to conclude that they are a ‘poor’ agent. That is not the case, HMRC will not make superficial judgements and data outside of the norm will not necessarily reflect badly on an agent.  Note the words... 'not necessarily'.     

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21st Jan 2014 18:20

Fair enough?

That seems OK - if your firm's data looks odd, HMRC would be foolish to ignore that - but, as they say, it doesn't necessarily mean a problem.

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22nd Jan 2014 14:13

HMRC are not

actively seeking to regulate the agent profession.............yer right.

Agent strategy should have been implemented 2 years ago and then gradually expanded when confidence is achieved. There is no reason not to use the government gateway - all agents info is there.

So what is the stumbling block. HMRC's need to have control over the agent and to be able to choose which ones they want. It really is that simple.

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