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HMRC schedules weekend maintenance
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Work scheduled this weekend on HMRC’s MTD site


Continuing maintenance work on the MTD website suggests that HMRC is gearing up to expand its digital tax capabilities. Yet not everyone is pleased about the changes.

23rd Jun 2021
Editor in Chief AccountingWEB
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HMRC has alerted users that its Making Tax Digital for VAT online service will be out of action from 5pm on Friday 25 June to 9am the following Monday to allow for scheduled maintenance work.

Regular AccountingWEB readers will remember back three months when a previous weekend maintenance programme went awry. Several HMRC online services were unavailable until the following Wednesday.

After that episode, HMRC explained that part of the maintenance work was “to deliver a number of iterative enhancements” to the MTD for VAT service. A subsequent maintenance period for the corporation tax system was delayed, so this weekend’s activity may include a bit of catch-up work there.

MTD enhancements

But the publication last week of Agent Update 85 could illuminate other areas of HMRC’s online services that will be getting attention in the coming months. Under a section devoted to MTD for income tax, the monthly briefing set out several new functions that are coming soon:

  • Gaining client authorisation for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax before signing them up. Agents will be able to complete the authorisation in their agent services account and sign the client up for MTD for ITSA
  • Online agent authorisation process for clients who are not yet registered for Self Assessment. They will be able to use the Gateway ID they use for their personal tax account to approve the agent’s request.
  • We are removing the need for clients to be registered for Self Assessment online services before they can access the Making Tax Digital Income Tax Self Assessment authorisation request online
  • Manage Account details extended to allow agent to view their account details
  • Agent viewer for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment will let agents see tax calculations, obligations and payments for their self assessment clients.

In a further explanation of the Agent Income Record Viewer, HMRC explained that it was looking at ways to streamline agent client authorisation processes while also maintaining security levels. The viewer will require the client to complete a digital handshake to confirm the agent’s access to their data.

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Replies (3)

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By TaxTeddy
24th Jun 2021 11:02

Bet 365 and Ladbrokes currently taking bets on how many systems HMRC will break this time. Three seems to be the frontrunner.

Thanks (1)
Chris M
By mr. mischief
24th Jun 2021 16:53

The best thing for every UK business would be for HMRC to just take down the rubbish, complex MTD permanently and go back to things as they were. Today a client where MTD has so far worked fine is suddenly kicked out for no reason, so we're busy trying to set it all up and log in again.

It will be another paper VAT return if it keeps falling over. The third. One dating back to October 19, one to Q1 of 2020. About 20 letters written in total, Complaints raised. HMRC get 10 out of 10 for pointing the finger at me and my clients, 0 out of 10 for getting off their arses and actually trying to fix whatever it is they have set up wrongly.

Thanks (1)
By Paul Crowley
26th Jun 2021 16:00

Can anyone ever trust HMRC for anything at all
all electronic stuff fails just so regularly
HMRC not fit for purpose
Never will be

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