A taxing year ahead: What’s in store for the emergency Budget?

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Simon Sweetman looks at the road ahead for tax policy now that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have formed their coalition.

At long last we have a government, but what will they do with tax? Will we get the Office of Tax Simplification previously pledged by the Conservatives (which sounds to me about as likely as the Ministry of Justice)? Will PAYE be handed over to the banks?

With £6bn to save this year, we can assume that there will be an overall increase in tax, despite the fact that the joint statement says they will concentrate on cuts not tax increases. Of course, it is not easy to start making tax changes at this point in the year that will have an early effect; even in the emergency Budget presumably most tax changes will come in from April 2011.

First of all, w...

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14th May 2010 10:51

Tax Conference Saturday 26 June

My friend and colleague Bob Edwards has organised a tax conference, at which the key speakers will be Tim Good and Neil Warren, on Saturday 26 June at a conference centre near Stratford upon Avon.  The hope is that Rebecca Benneyworth will be able to make it to the Q + A panel forum.

The expectation is that the new government's first Budget will be shortly before then (assuming they stick to the promised 50 day timescale) so the timing is excellent.  (More by accident than design, as it happens - the date was picked months ago.)

As an added bonus (!) I am doing a session myself on "Tax errors, omissions and SOCA" - but don't let that put you off!

Full details at this link.

I checked with Bob yesterday and there are still some places available.


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14th May 2010 17:25

New Budget discussion group

In addition to Simon's commentary, there have been some useful comments posted by members in response to our previous articles on the likely tax measures that emerge from the new coalition and how they will play out in Budget

Following the quiet success of our Election 2010 discussion group, we're setting up a new Budget discussion group where we can gather together all the submissions, commentary and speculation that surround the Budget statement. If you'd like to explore these issues more, come on over and join us!

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