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Any Answers Answered: SEISS and director's loans


With tax returns now done and behind us, TaxTV's Giles Mooney and Tim Good unravel two questions from Any Answers forum on SEISS and directors loan where the issues cropping up around the topics pose further conundrums. 

4th Feb 2021
Editorial team AccountingWEB.co.uk
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To view the full questions and AccountingWEB reader answers click on the links below:2020-21 SEISS and cash basisThe first question this month relates to the self employed income support. The AccountingWEB reader said, "SEISS income is taxable but I'm not sure it will be classed as business income for the purposes of loss relief. Will they be able to claim their 2020/21 business losses sideways against the SEISS income without going to the lengths of moving to the accruals basis?"  But the more interesting question is relates to the income for pension purposes. 

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By Shaw336
03rd Mar 2021 10:35

A debt of gratitude is in order for Sharing the data..


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By gregorio
08th Feb 2021 23:06

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