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Brace for Brexit 3: Import Duty and commodity codes


Jason Croke considers customs duty and commodity codes as part of preparing for the new VAT and customs duty rules which will apply from 1 January 2021.

30th Oct 2020
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For businesses currently importing from, and exporting to, non-EU Countries, the world of customs duty and commodity codes will be familiar territory.

From 1 January 2021 when the transitional period ends, Brexit will take full effect - goods arriving into the UK from the EU will be imports and goods sent from the UK to the EU will be exports in VAT terms. From that point, the commodity code and import duty rules will be vital for UK businesses who previously relied mainly on the EU for sales and purchases.

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Replies (4)

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By Malcolm McFarlin
04th Nov 2020 09:54

Excellent article Jason.

Thanks (1)
A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
04th Nov 2020 14:41

Useful series of articles, thanks.

Thanks (1)
By Jim Spencer
04th Nov 2020 16:36

Thanks Jason - very helpful.
Do you have any advice on that "phantom" border in the Irish Sea?
We have a Sales Branch in NI trading throughout NI & Eire.

Thanks (1)
Replying to Jim Spencer:
By Jason Croke
13th Nov 2020 10:59

HMRC have just published new details of their "Trader Support Service" which is a team focused on NI/GB matters. Full details in link.

A GB business moving goods to Northern Ireland would ordinarily just be a movement from GB to NI but with Brexit you will now have to transfer goods in a more formal manner (submit declarations, declare output tax/reclaim input tax).

You will need an "XI" EORI number, you must already have a "GB" EORI number (HMRC may have automatically given you an UK EORI else you can apply for one here (you'll need your HMRC UserID/password to login).

If you sign up to use the Trader Support Service (first link), they'll sort an XI EORI for you as part of sign up the process so you might as well just go there, but I leave the EORI link for those who just want an EORI number and not involved with NI matters.

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