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Focus on remote working - tools, tax and techniques

6th Jun 2007
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New technologies are making possible all manner of remote and flexible working practices - but also raise new risks concerning both information security and tax liabilities. This digest presents a collection of helpful material - for regular updates on laptops, PDAs and related issues, add IT Zone's Hardware page to your browser favourites.

  • An accountant's guide to remote working
  • The promise of unified communications
  • An introduction to the wireless internet
  • Remote working: Nirvana or 19th nervous breakdown?
  • Far from remote: the risks of mobile working (2007)
  • Remote working: The IT security issues
  • Information Security - 10-part series by Stewart Twynham
  • Business on the move (2007)
  • Employers' Briefing: using mobile phone while driving
  • Wireless auditing - the PDA challenge
  • Mobile working: The key to autonomy for working mothers?
  • Mobile computing - the big picture (extract from 2004 ICAEW guide)
  • Delivery notes and receipts on the fly at SEL
  • Dennis Howlett- The human mash-up
  • Mobility in Manx with an HP iPaq
  • Self Assessment: New guidance issued on working from home (Jan 2006)
  • BlackBerry grumble (and Adam Smith) by Ray Chidell
  • Blackberries, mobile phones and broadband
  • Is broadband allowable?
  • Incidental private use of computers, equipment and services
  • Tax and homeworking by Simon Sweetman
  • Missing trader fraud - new VAT reverse charge rules
  • National Insurance tip: mobile phones
  • An introduction to the wireless internet
  • Feeling hot: where to go wireless for free
  • The Gadget Zone guide to wireless networks (2005)
  • Tread carefully with WiFi to avoid security pitfalls (2003)
  • Mobile technology review (Oct 2007)
  • The PDA Test (2007)
  • PDA and mobile phone roundup (May 2007)
  • PDA update - a postscript
  • Security lapses bit bites Bluetooth users
  • Mobile phone payments open billion pound black hole
  • Palm Foleo breaks new ground for mobile computing
  • Is that the office in your pocket, or...?
  • Sony’s miniature Vaio arrives in UK
  • 2006 Christmas Gadget Countdown
  • Help in choosing a PDA please
  • How to connect a PDA to the internet
  • PDAs & wireless
  • Sage Line 50 - online access
  • New laptop questions
  • Remote Working - a practical guide for accountants by Kevin Salter (£40)
  • An Introduction to Lean IT by Jon Hughes, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Aiming Higher With Flexible Working - Microsoft Dynamics
  • Case study: Remote access for the sales team at Riley Automation
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