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Hugh Jackman starstruck by accountants

12th Dec 2012
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What do Wolverine and accountants have in common? More than you think, apparently.

Hugh Jackman, the razor-sharp star of the X-men movies, was apparently awed by accountants at the Academy Awards in his youth. 

A long-standing tradition, PwC accountants have counted the ballots at the Oscars for the last 78 years, with two head accountants supervising the count. 

Shrouded in secrecy, the accountants put the counted ballots into two identical briefcases, one containing winners and one losers. They're then whisked to the awards in two different cars. 

Before winners are announced, the presenter goes behind the scenes to receive the winners' envelope from the PwC accountant waiting in the wings.

In years past, the accountants used to come on stage to prove the accountability of the votes, something which was quite exciting for Jackman, who has been busy promoting new movie Les Miserables. 

"My father was a PwC accountant," he told The Sun. "I used to scream with excitement when the accountants came out at the Oscars. Dad it's the accountants! There they are!" 

However, his dad didn't share the Australian's enthusiasm, apparently rolling his eyes when his son told him he'd be at the awards one day.

As an adult, getting invited to host his first Oscars ceremony in 2009 and seeing the accountants on stage, Jackman pulled out a camera and sent the snap to his dad, who by the sounds of things, was probably as nonplussed by his sons' enthusiasm as ever. 

"Jesus, Wolverine, I think I've lost all respect for you," quipped our sister website Going Concern.


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