Tax Consultant Carter Backer Winter
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Inheritance Tax: Until death do us part


Reshma Johar has a reminder of how being married or in a civil partnership can reduce the IHT payable on death. Something for cohabiting couples to consider this Valentine’s Day.

11th Feb 2021
Tax Consultant Carter Backer Winter
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Inheritance Tax (IHT) will only apply to the decease’s estate where there is a chargeable transfer (ie value transferred which is potentially subject to IHT) either during lifetime or on death.

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Replies (2)

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By Paul Crowley
11th Feb 2021 20:37

Nice article
Very easy for the layman as well as the professional

Worth doing another on the house thing

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By Justin Bryant
12th Feb 2021 12:02

Yes, nice, but far too basic to be properly helpful. e.g. "It is possible for a surviving non-domiciled spouse or civil partner to make an irrevocable election to be treated as UK domiciled and therefore not have any restriction, if they choose"

That sentence would have massively benefited from adding any time limit for such an election and stating when is someone who is not otherwise UK domiciled under English common law deemed IHT UK domiciled (15/20 test), with legislative references and/or HMRC manual references.

Overall, a bit too Daily Mail.

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