New postal addresses for HMRC

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There is now a new postal address for enquiries about self-assessment tax returns.

Royal Mail has created a new special address for taxpayers writing to HMRC abou self-assessment:

HM Revenue and Customs, BX9 1AS, UK.

There is also a new address for taxpayers making a tier 1 complaint on self-assessment or Pay As You Earn:

HM Revenue and Customs, PAYE and Self Assessment Complaints Tier 1, PO Box 4372, Cardiff CF14 8JS, UK.

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18th Nov 2014 17:24


Do we know why this has been done?

It was bad enough when local offices started closing down. Now we don't even have a remote office that can be contacted to ask about an unanswered letter.

Does this mean all correspondence will go to the same physical location, with backlogs arising when this location is unable to cope with the influx of letters? Alternatively, will correspondence be split randomly across a number of locations (no sorting being possible if all are addressed identically) with each blaming the others for any letters that are lost?

This does not look like a step forward to me.

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18th Nov 2014 18:24


If HMRC were a normal business I would wonder why they change telephone numbers and postal addresses, bank accounts, etc so often and so regularly with the associated business disruption that it creates for suppliers and customers. No commercially advisable and it would give the impression they are hiding from something and there is something really wrong with the business, as continuity is key. 

But HMRC is in another planet. And certainly these changes don't help taxpayers or agents, and are not beneficial at all. It creates frustration and disappointment when you find out your letter went to the wrong address and it has not reached its destination or the relevant person or department.

They need to become a little bit more business orientated. At the end of the day we are their CUSTOMERS!!

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to jvenegas16
09th Apr 2019 09:16

Yes, it is not a good idea when addresses change if they don't have to do so. If I see that with other businesses it looks very dodgy.

HMRC seem to want to be in a position where there is very little contact with them ever and everything is automatic which is fine if automatic works but it often doesn't.

I read the HMRC customer service twitter feed the other day in a spare moment and most of the consumers were complaining about lack of responses, holding on long calls and then just cut off for no reason before getting to speak to a person, incorrect self assessment fines but unable to speak to anyone at HMRC etc.

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19th Nov 2014 08:34

An explanation would be useful?

Where is Madam Lin (Homer) to advise "customers" why the change has been deemed appropriate/necessary?

The usual story; the mushroom diet - kept in the dark and, fed on s**t.


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