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Not a Perfect Moment: Martine McCutcheon bankrupt

15th Feb 2013
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It's been a bad week for former Eastenders actress Martine McCutcheon, who filed for insolvency at Kingston-upon-Thames court on Tuesday. 

The star, who had been dropped from Activia adverts, petitioned this week in her given name Marine Kimberley Sherri Ponting. 

Best known as Tiffany from the popular soap and then for her part as the sweary secretary in romantic comedy film Love Actually, McCutcheon will be discharged from bankruptcy on 2 January 2014. 

Big Four firm KPMG was appointed trustee of the 36-year-old's bankruptcy on 24 January by the Secretary of State.

According to the firm, the star's biggest creditor is HMRC, owing them around £150,000.

Her total debts add up to £187,000.

“We are now responsible for administering her estate and are in the process of establishing the individual’s assets and liabilities; the largest creditor being HMRC,” said KPMG’s Kevin Standish who was appointed joint trustee in bankruptcy of McCutcheon.

McCutcheon's management declined to comment on the issue, but the ex-soap star did thank supporters on Twitter:

The bankruptcy doesn't appear to have ruffled her feathers too much however, as the Daily Mail reported today the still-smiling star splashed out on £550 hair extensions

For those who may not remember, here's McCutcheon at her peak in 1999 with her number one hit Perfect Moment



Replies (3)

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By ShirleyM
15th Feb 2013 15:12

That's good to know!

Her creditors come somewhere lower in importance than having hair extensions! 

She doesn't seem to be short of a bob or two does she, or maybe she has someone who pays her keep (the poor old Bank of Mum & Dad?).

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By User deleted
15th Feb 2013 16:00

Important to look good when you're broke!

You can't let yourself slide just because you owe people money!

I've never understood how celebrities (I used the term loosely as I'm also thinking about Kerry Katona) can have managers and management companies yet still end up in so much debt particularly to HMRC. Don't they either withhold enough for payment or say to their clients 'you need to hold some of this back to pay the tax on your earnings'? Maybe celebrities should have to be paid under PAYE - that way HMRC might not lose so much tax and the country would be prospering?

I think bankruptcy should be a lot harsher (maybe a bit like prison to really teach them!). It seems to be an easy out these days - 'oh I owe a lot of money, I'll declare myself bankrupt and then next year I can start the same again.'


Having said that I've actually quite liked Martine since Love Actually. Kerry Katona on the other hand - wish she'd really gone to Iceland.

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By The VAT Doctor
18th Feb 2013 10:07

Short term annoyance

I understand that Martine lives in a very plush (but rented) house, so safe from the liquidator.  It seems to me that, provided she can earn enough to live on one way or another, she could just emerge from this in a year with all her debts written off.  Is this right?  OK, credit history might be poor, but I bet there is no real trouble in this respect if you are a celebrity.  My bet is she will be in the Jungle soon...

It really does stink and makes me wonder why I don't do the same, except I haven't as much brass neck as her.

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