Property windfall highlights need for IHT planning

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An increase in home ownership rates and property prices has created a windfall for millions of Britons – and underscored the need for people to plan for inheritance.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for 2008-2010 found that 10% of adults inherited more than £125,000, with properties pushing them into a 40% tax rate.

According to the ONS, 1.6m adults have received more than £1,000 in the two years before being surveyed. The combined total of all inheritances received stands at £75bn.

The amount inherited has...

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04th Nov 2013 12:26

A little known tax planning scheme...

As with anything to do with tax you have to be careful with generalisations - yes its £325K but that is per person such that with a married couple one takes over the first to die's allowance if unused so it is really £625K before IHT kicks in (sorry..typo..meant £650!)

Also with gifts there is one little known, little used but very useful legal tax planning available under s21 IHTA 1984 - 'Normal gifts out of income'

There needs to be a pattern of giving but that does not have to be of any large amount and a 'pattern' is usually at 3 gifts. HMRC do like it to be a fixed amount or see a formula (e.g 10% of surplus income). Those gifts are in addition to PET's.

But this 'bubble' in house prices is a concern - unfair if someone dies now rather than next year.

I am of course presuming that the 'bubble will burst next year reducing the valuation of many properties.

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04th Nov 2013 11:55

It's £650k, not £625k

Also, the 'Normal gifts out of income ' IHT planning is not really helpful re the family home and other property and there is s191 IHTA 1984 relief re property bubbles.

There is lots of IHT planning available for the family home and other property if anyone wants to get in touch.

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04th Nov 2013 12:33

Yes....I know...
I was not responding to the part of the text re properties rather to the final para re gifts.

For articles on PPR tax savings see here under accountingweb tab specially set up:
and in particular my article on PPR here:
PPR What you need to know

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