Self assessment: A toolkit for agents

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Rebecca Benneyworth
Rebecca Benneyworth Training Consultants
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Once again Rebecca Benneyworth is on hand during self assessment season to advise accountants in the online Sage Taxation SA surgery. To accompany her free advisory work there, she has also put together this guide for the wider AccountingWEB members.

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  • HMRC guidance
  • Exclusions
  • Student loans
  • Correcting past mistakes
  • Service downtime / unresolved issues
  • Penalties
  • Coding out liabilities and payment generally
  • Filed late last year?
  • Client not registered?
  • Class 4 and brought forward losses
  • Multiple sources and class 4
  • Child benefit
  • AIA increase

Or follow these links for more self assessment help:

Software resources

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About RebeccaBenneyworth

About RebeccaBenneyworth

Rebecca trained in London with Kidsons and, on qualifying, spent some time as Chief Accountant of a manufacturing company. She now has her own small practice in Gloucestershire that comprises of owner managed businesses and small companies.

She also lectures extensively for a range of professional bodies, accountancy firms, commercial organisations and the Inland Revenue. Demand has grown for Rebecca on the lecture circuit where she is well known for her refreshing, enthusiastic and entertaining presentation style as well as having a practical and down-to-earth approach to tax.


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19th Jan 2013 11:00

Darn it

Sorry guys, finger trouble. The AIA is available for periods starting on or after 1 January not 31. I think I was trying to type 31 December and then got distracted.I'll get JOhn to amend the article on Monday.

While I'm on there was a good question about interest on PPI refunds on the sage surgery Thursday. Have a peek.

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21st Jan 2013 11:13

Now fixed

I noticed the amend this morning, Rebecca - given that you've spent a good part of the weekend monitoring your computer for the Sage Taxation Q&A, I'm sorry I didn't look in earlier to pick it up.

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22nd Jan 2013 15:10

Rebecca & John

thanks for this

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15th Aug 2013 09:33

Good information - thanks!

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19th Oct 2014 12:58

self assessment



Do i need to file a tax return as a director if i've not started trading first year ?




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By Hemas
11th Aug 2015 13:21

Self Assessment


I have a client who is registered for self-assessment since 2008/2009 and he had completed th tax return for 08/09 and paid tax from his property income and then he got mental health illness since 2009 and after that neither he got income from that property nor he had completed tax return .and now he had received late filing penalty around £4800

I spoke to HMRC that he shouldn't be under self -assessment due to his health they told me that the HMRC can avoid the penalties but not for the year 2009/2010 because it has passed the dead line and asking me about the property income and whether the property is still in his name

Later I found out the property is still in his name but no income since then

My question is .If the property is still in his name and he is having mental health problem since 2009 is he liable to the late filing penalties or is it possible to waive all the late filling penalties


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