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Accountants hunker down for a tax deadline onslaught on 29-31 January

Tax agents dig in for deadline-packed weekend


Accountants should mark their calendars for a range of filing deadlines falling in the last three days of January 2021 – there’s more to consider than self-assessment. 

22nd Jan 2021
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With wintry storm clouds looming, accountants are also bracing themselves for multiple deadlines falling over the final weekend of January. On 31 January 2021, the cut-offs relate to IR35, NIC, trusts and tax credits, as well as self-assessment tax returns for the last three tax years, not to mention sundry claims and elections.

In an added twist, this year’s busy season also features a deadline to relating to the self-employed income support scheme (SEISS).

I have no idea why the deadline for applying for the third SEISS grant was set at midnight on Friday 29 January 2021, but it was. Eligible self-employed taxpayers need to apply for this grant online using their government gateway ID and password.

Tax agents can’t apply on behalf of clients, but they can check the amount of the grant awarded and help clients appeal if the calculations appear wrong. To qualify for this third grant the taxpayer must declare that their trade has been impacted by reduced demand due to coronavirus.

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Replies (8)

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By kenny achampong
22nd Jan 2021 17:39

You've missed off one of the worst ones for me. The Arts Council are giving out the second part of their coronavirus grants, and have given applicants until 26.1.21 to prepare balance sheets at 31.12.20, projected balance sheets at 31.3.21, cashflow forecasts and budgets to 30.4.22 (!)

Thanks (3)
By SteveHa
23rd Jan 2021 21:09

I'm surprised that you find any of this surprising. UK Gvt has been a [***] all year long, and have no intention of helping anyone except themselves and their crony mates, and they do this by make unreasonable demands on tax agents and honest taxpayers.

Thanks (4)
By 0098087
25th Jan 2021 14:12

Just got email. Deadline for filing extended to 28 Feb!!

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Replying to 0098087:
By wilcoskip
25th Jan 2021 14:54

Trying not to scream here. Telling us this at the beginnnig of the month would have made a difference. Telling us now......

Thanks (2)
Replying to wilcoskip:
By Jane S-D
25th Jan 2021 15:00

Exactly. Not quite sure whether to cheer or cry

Thanks (1)
By norstar
25th Jan 2021 14:58

I've just received the HMRC email saying they've waived penalties. I'd absolutely disgusted with their behaviour and it's potentially the last straw.

We have flogged our guts out to get our clients to file on time. We've worked Saturdays, evenings, mornings. Now with four and a half working days to go, they agree to do what they said they had no plans to do as recently as December.

Unprofessional, unsupportive, unacceptable. I will be writing to Jim Harra to express this.

Thanks (3)
Replying to norstar:
By North East Accountant
25th Jan 2021 15:40

I'm going to write to Dear Jim too........I doubt he'll fix it though.

Thanks (1)
By Homeworker
29th Jan 2021 12:49

I could do without HMRC sending out "amended" tax calculations in January where nothing has actually changed! I have to waste time contacting the client to reassure them that the calculations don't show the tax already paid and no, they are not asking for more money!

Mind you the latest one is a bit baffling - it says the Self Assessment has been corrected for [their] residency status in line with information they hold. As the client is British, has been UK resident for as long as I have known him and does not live in Scotland but in Wales, what possible information could they have?? The tax due hasn't changed thank goodness.

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