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Tax gossip: Pamela Anderson's tax delinquency

16th Jan 2013
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The iconic Baywatch actress made headlines last month after being named as a tax delinquent in California, reportedly owing around $370,000 in tax. 

Last month, Anderson was branded as one of California's Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers of 2012.

The star's dirty tax laundry was brought to light when the IRS filed a tax lien against the star, saying she owes more than £160,000 going back to 2011.

The actress, who recently received around £50,000 for briefly appearing in UK reality show 'Dancing on Ice' also reportedly owes over £70,000 to the tax department in California. 

More scandal emerged when Canadian newspaper the Vancouver Sun reported that it had seen tax documents that shows Anderson owes $31,000 in property tax on her five-acre luxury property.

In the States, a municipality can put a property up for sale if taxes aren't paid for three years.

This isn't the first time the star has been in trouble with the taxman.

In 2010, Anderson owed over $493,000 in personal income taxes, according to figures released by the California Franchise Tax Board.

However, the star told The Sun newspaper while in the UK that she's taking steps to tackle her tax troubles.

"I still owe taxes, but I'm working on that," she told the paper. "I'm paying that off monthly. I was in a bizarre situation with a former business manager. I don't want to blame anyone, I want to put it behind me and move forward." 

* * *

Rihanna's lengthy legal battle with her former accountants Berdon LLP has taken a twist, with the Umbrella singer's personal life becoming more entangled in the case. 

Last year, the star launched legal action against the accountants, claiming that they were responsible for massive losses incurred during touring between 2005 and 2010. 

She also accused them of over-charging their commission fee, which is believed to have been 22%, although legal documents seen by website show her to have signed an engagement letter agreeing to this.

The latest development in the case however, is the accountants submitting disposition requests to interview a number of people involved in the case, including her mother.

Apparently, dear old Mom has "direct knowledge" of the situation, as Rihanna was a minor at the time and her mother would have signed the contract. 

The singer was a bit Disturbia about this, but the judge overruled and allowed the firm to speak to her mother.

Rihanna is seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages and lost revenue, claiming Berdon messed up her taxes. Berdon is also accused of keeping incomplete records, losing track of royalties and botching US and international tax filings.

The case continues. 


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