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Tax quiz: AccountingWEB Live Expo gets quizzical


As we say goodbye to another AccountingWEB Live Expo, why not test your knowledge on some of the seriously difficult accounting questions from the Hardest Quiz Ever session?

2nd Dec 2022
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For attendees looking for a slice of something different at this year’s AccountingWEB Live Expo, the Hardest Tax Quiz in the world Ever was a nice change of pace. Hosted by the dazzling Joanne Birtwistle and Zoe Lacey-Cooper, participants were greeted with a questions put together by some of the most devious minds at AccountingWEB.

With factoids ranging from ancient Egyptian taxation laws to more modern brain teasers, our hosts put participants to the test over five gruelling rounds - and with a golden box of Jaffa Cakes for the winner, the stakes had never been higher. However, over the two days, only two lucky accountants came out on top, while the rest of us scratched our heads. 

Test your knowledge

Birtwistle and Lacey-Cooper have already put their hats in the ring for what we’ve been told will be an even trickier quiz as AccountingWEB Live Ecpo heads to the NEC in Birmingham next year. However, we thought we would give the readers who weren’t able to make it a little taster this Friday afternoon.

1. What rooms were exempt from window tax when it was imposed on English and Welsh houses between 1696 and 1851?
A) Coal bunker
B) Cheese room
C) Meat larder

2. In the US state of New Mexico, what is the best way to become tax exempt?
A) Become a cactus farmer
B) Live to over a 100 years
C) Move to Mexico

3. What did people have to buy from the Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt as a form of taxation?
A) Cooking oil
B) Asses' milk
C) Papyrus

4.Which decorative item was an unusual choice for taxation in England in the 18th and 19th century?
A) Painted vases
B) Patterned wallpaper
C) Carved coffins
5. Who said: "The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes”?
A) Karl Marx
B) Albert Einstein
C) Benjamin Franklin

6. How much tax on… One litre of unleaded petrol (£1.65p)
A) 20p
B) 40p
C) 60p
D) 80p
7. Which item has no VAT on it?
A) A bottle of still water
B) A baby seat
C) A chocolate cake
D) A COVID-19 lateral flow test

8. In a recent case why were large marshmallows viewed as zero rated?
A) They are confectionery
B) All marshmallows are zero rated
C) They were marketed for roasting

How did you get on? Answers to the questions in the comments below.

Replies (2)

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By Will Cole
02nd Dec 2022 16:15

Quiz Answers:
1. (B)
2. (B)
3. (A)
4. (B)
5. (B)
6. (D)
7. (C)
8. (C)

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By Open all hours
06th Dec 2022 15:56

Did well. Modesty forbids but #2 was a guess.

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