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10 top scary accounting experiences

21st Oct 2014
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It's coming up to the scariest time of year - no, not tax season, though that's not far off either.

Halloween is just around the corner, and as such our members have been sharing their scariest accounting experiences on Any Answers. 

In association with Xero, we've compiled 10 of the best ones into this spooky round-up.

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By The VAT Doctor
30th Oct 2014 22:24


Whilst on a Due Diligence assignment at a target of our clients, I pressed the alarm button by mistake on leaving for lunch.  Well, they should not put them literally right next to the door open switch!  Anyway, they said, no problem, we've a key to turn it off.

Returned an hour later and could hear the alarm from 2 streets away.  Turns out they did not have the key, were new to the offices and had to call out the alarm company at much cost I bet.  Absolutely ear splitting for the next 2 hours in the office, sat there with everyone glaring at me.


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