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Research and real-world insight to power your marketing to accountants.

AccountingWEB Intelligence helps you make smarter, faster decisions by delivering actionable, objective insight and expert guidance.

We believe accountants deserve world-class software and services that solve their challenges and fuel their firms. That’s why we’re on a mission to inform and refine your products, positioning and messaging to give you the insider track to make you stand out from the competition.

Throughout 2023, AccountingWEB Intelligence focused its research on the key issues faced by accountants and bookkeepers as we explored the capacity crunch and the impact the cost of technology is having on the profession, providing detailed insight and expert analysis to help you navigate these challenges.

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AccountingWEB Intelligence allows vendors to make important strategic readings of some of the most critical issues that face them as trusted partners to accounting firms.

At the same time, it provides tactical insights that marketing, content, partnerships and sales teams can use to create actions with real impact.

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In 2024 we’ll be exploring the issues that matter most to the profession, starting with the effectiveness of vendor content. By subscribing you’ll have access to the data, insights and be part of these conversations so you can listen, learn and adapt to meet the needs of your customers.

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The Capacity Challenge 

Our previous research topic on the capacity challenge faced by the profession explores how accountants and bookkeepers view this issue, what the impact is, and to what extent they feel supported by suppliers in order to help find solutions

Our exploration seeks to understand whether or not this view on the causes of the capacity challenge is actually shared by firms themselves, and whether or not they feel understood by vendors and service providers and the products they provide.

Content Roadmap

April 2024

Effectiveness of vendor content

This study seeks to provide evidence on what content approaches carry the most weight in terms of subject, topic, and format - covering every aspect including thought leadership, product updates, understanding regulatory change, and future technology.

August 2024

Support and account management

Winning a client is only the first step on what is intended to be a long term relationship. This study aims to uncover what accountants value in terms of effective support and accountant management, how it colours their views, and how it can influence their decision making.

December 2024

Behind technology purchasing decisions

With a huge reliance on technology, accountants and bookkeepers often have to acquire, review and replace software. This study looks to define the triggers, drivers and motivations behind the purchasing cycle, and how this influences their choices.

Clients we work with

Now, more than ever, vendors need to stay at the top of their game and make sure you're focused on overcoming the right challenges in the right way.

We work alongside a wide range of clients, delivering independent research alongside expert analysis and commentary about the issues and challenges that matter most to the profession.

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"AccountingWEB Intelligence is designed to empower vendors and suppliers with deep actionable insights that come straight from the accountants and bookkeepers themselves. You can't find this level of detailed independent research about this critical profession anywhere else."

Richard Sergeant
Executive Producer, AccountingWEB Intelligence


"As a journalist, I'm always on the lookout for original stories that will help my writing, podcasts or videos stand out in the crowd. Having access to primary data about trends in the industry I'm covering plays a vital part in my work. For content marketers, I do not doubt that the rich seam of data generated by our Intelligence research can play a similar role."

Tom Herbert
Technology Editor, AccountingWEB


"Having access to AccountingWEB Intelligence and the data that support the studies has allowed us to pivot our content marketing to focus on the challenges faced by accountants. The two most recent reports have informed our content and we are using it across different teams to look at current trends to market to our target audience."

Head of Marketing
Leading Software Vendor

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