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App Advisory Plus launches interactive cloud ecosystem community
App Advisory Plus

App Advisory Plus digs into cloud ecosystems


Accounting technology enthusiasts have launched an online community for accountants looking to help their clients find the right cloud accounting apps.

19th Dec 2019
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App Advisory Plus is an independent operation founded by Will Farnell and James and Frances Kay of Farnell Clarke and Jonathan and Emma Fox of Foxability/Fresh Financials fame.

Perhaps inspired by AccountingWEB’s successful Any Answers and Software Reviews pages, the site sets out to help users choose the right apps by sourcing advice and reviews from other users and accountants.

“We wanted to build an independent alternative to the cloud marketplaces with hundreds of apps and to consolidate them into a directory where we’ll do the due diligence and pre-approve them,” Farnell explained at the launch event in London.

“There are all sorts of Facebook communities out there, but we wanted to collect all the data on our platform. We talke all the different sources of information and put it into a single, consistent format.”

The main audience for the service will be other accountants who want to follow the example of Farnell Clarke and Fresh Financials/Foxability and offer app advisory services to their clients.

“We’re on the leading edge and when we’re doing implementations, sometimes it can take 5-6 hours to find the answers you need to fit the tech together,” he continued. “If we were having trouble, we thought there might be other accountants who would be asking the same questions.”

App helpdesk

Based around a core of 20 or so members at firms like Advance Track, Kinder Pocock, D&T, Accountant Cloud and ESP, App Advisory Plus has been building up its knowledge base and app roster for the past 12 months.

“We lost a year thanks to Making Tax Digital, but the market is ready for us now,” said Farnell.

The membership-based community kicked off with a free directory featuring 30 apps. This is likely to grow as the App Advisory team recruit new vendors and compile reports on their products. For prospective users, the membership plan rises to £25/month to gain access the group’s interactive community board. The Professional subscription, costing £108/month connects you to a helpdesk service that will try to find the answers to your specific queries and support you with implementation guides for selected products.

For £330/month, you can get fast access to the App Advisory experts and be at the head of the queue for any new features they introduce.

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