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Buddy brings cloud payroll tool to the UK


Maltese developer Buddy has launched its cloud payroll software in the UK, targeting accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaux with a modern user interface and sophisticated automations.

5th Jun 2024
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Founded in Malta in 2018 by Jonathan Mifsud and David Seisun, Buddy has recently launched its cloud payroll system in the UK. 

Buddy adds an independent player to a burgeoning UK cloud payroll market. The past three months have seen QuickBooks Online rolling out its payroll bureau tool and Coconut acquiring MyPAYE, while BrightPay continues to develop its cloud system, and FreshPay, IRIS’s Staffology, Capium, Sage and Xero also offer products.

Buddy offers users automated tax, national insurance and student loan calculations, holiday pay calculations based on 52-week data and 104-week look-back, and comes with an OCR tool that scans timesheets, P45s and new-start checklists before inserting the data into the system.

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The tool also comes with an employee portal offering access to payslips and leave, leave management with employee and manager access, and a remote work planning schedule.

Buddy hopes to make its mark on the UK market through time-saving automations via its proprietary EverRoll system. For example, the system can be set to process all available timesheets, draft payslips, run payroll, send pension contributions, send journals, send FPS and EPS, and send payslips, with each step set at different times to allow payroll staff to review and stop individual actions if necessary.

Buddy upcoming payrolls

As well as integrating with pension providers such as Nest and Smart Pension via API connections, Buddy currently integrates with accounting platforms QuickBooks Online and Xero, with Sage and FreeAgent connections in the pipeline. Sophisticated time and attendance functionality is also available via tie-ups with Workforce and Deputy.

The platform also offers payment solutions via integrations with Open Banking provider Fyorin and wallet tool Telleroo, and can also generate a BACs report for accountants or bureaux to insert into their payment provider of choice.

Payroll requires expertise

“In Malta, we do a lot of direct business, but in the UK our target market is exclusively accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaux,” Buddy co-founder Mifsud told AccountingWEB. “We understand that the SME market in the UK works largely through these people to service and pay their employees. 

“Payroll requires expertise, and in a complex environment like the UK we don’t think it’s smart for us to go direct and sell to small businesses here,” continued Mifsud.

“Our software allows for a genuine relationship between firms or bureaux and end users in terms of data collection, review and authorisations. I also think our automations are a game-changer for many firms, especially on the lower end with simpler payrolls where you can trust more easily that the controls are in place. It frees up the time so you can actually give more advice and value to clients, and makes payroll a more profitable service line for firms.”

Johann Goree, managing director of OnPoint Accounting, has been trialling Buddy as part of its early-adopter programme and described it as a “modern, user-friendly system” with automations on a par with any of the payroll tools available.

“Compared to many of the antiquated, overcomplicated systems I’ve seen on the market it has great features and automations,” said Goree. “We’re still in the process of fully testing the system with our clients but the Buddy team has been responsive and open to feedback when developing the product for the UK market.”

Buddy operates two pricing models: 

  • A pay-as-you-go package charged on a per-employee basis that starts at a pound for the most basic payroll, rising to three pounds with features such as time and attendance built-in.
  • A package for payroll bureaux starting from £750 annually, covering unlimited payroll, unlimited numbers of staff and unlimited clients. 

The second option doesn’t offer 100% of all automations available. For full details visit Buddy’s pricing page or contact them.

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