Clients drive cloud accounting growth

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Client demand is one of the key drivers to practitioners implementing cloud accounting software, according to a recent survey.

In co-operation with AccountingWEB, Exact surveyed more than 200 AccountingWEB members to identify accountants’ attitudes toward cloud accounting technology and their views on challenges facing clients.

Clients appear to be pushing the growth of cloud, as 47% of respondents said that a client request for a cloud accounting solution would make them put one in place.

This surprised Exact marketing director Mark Appel, who said that accountants appear to be taking a “reactive” approach to implementing cloud.

“There are many opportunities, research has shown, for accountants to implement the cloud but...

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14th Oct 2013 09:24

"Clients Drive"?

"The results showed that clients are driving the growth of cloud accounting, as 47% of respondents said that a client request for a cloud accounting solution would make them put one in place"

Driving is an activity, clients sitting in ignorance that you need a lift is hardly forcing them to drive you?

Can I suggest that the headline should have referred to Mark Appel's comment "accountants appear to be taking a “reactive” approach to the cloud"? or even "accountants are failing to drive"?  But then neither of these are really news.

"We" are a reactive, inert, cautious and even conservative bunch so I'm surprised at the high rate of take up.


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By leppam
14th Oct 2013 20:30

Hi Paul, headline has been produced by Rachael ;-) That accountants are not driving cloud adoption that certainly is no news to me at least. But what I find quite interesting that this is the situation for already a couple of years. My personal opinion is that practices do not feel the pain at this moment: no pain no change. When clients threaten to leave maybe than accountants are forced to be creative and think about how to do things differently. But again, that is just my personal opinion.

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By chatman
15th Oct 2013 10:53

Doesn't happen

I dream of clients ringing me up and saying they want to change from Quickbooks to Xero or Clearbooks.

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27th Oct 2013 23:16

Online accounting

We've found that the accountants are definitely warming up to online/cloud accounting but it is definitely driven by demand from the SMEs. Ultimately it's they who reap the majority of benefits from moving to the cloud, but they still want support from someone who understands the technicalities that they may not.

It seems to pay off for advisors to get to know what's out there, so they can best advise each individual client rather than favouring one solution, or avoiding something because it is unfamiliar.

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By chatman
28th Oct 2013 07:07

New to AWeb
Welcome to AccountingWeb coraliescott. What prompted you to join?

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28th Oct 2013 08:14


Hi - I presume you mean that SMEs in Australia are driving the uptake?  My experience here is that none of our clients have ever mentioned it, rather it's been the other way around, we have had to show them the benefits of Cloud working.

If & when Saasu looks to enter the UK market, it would be a great help for us to know how it differentiates itself from the others.  We already have 20ish systems to choose from and there is just not enough time to compare and assess all of them to decide the best fit for clients & us.

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30th Oct 2013 04:34

Hi Paul,

Yes we've found that, and from discussions with new partners in the UK we're starting to find the same. Certainly with other vendors doing some impressive things in the market businesses and accountants are starting to listen.

Paul I'm not familiar with all products in the UK market just yet, but I'd happily point you to this independent review by the ICB over here:

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By chatman
28th Oct 2013 08:22

New Member

It's OK Coralie - Paul's answered my question.

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