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HgCapital invests £12.5m in Dext

Dext and IRIS get closer in marketing alliance


IRIS Software Group and Dext have signed a joint agreement under which Dext’s data capture and quality control will be marketed directly to IRIS users.

10th Nov 2021
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The alliance between IRIS and Dext was partly driven by Hg Capital, a joint investor in both accountancy software companies. The benefits are obvious. Getting access to a market of around 21,000 firms through the IRIS distribution network could potentially accelerate Dext sales. 

While hundreds of IRIS customer already enjoy the benefits of Dext products, they will be able to access them through their IRIS account managers, explained Jim Scott, managing director of accountancy at IRIS. Closer technical integrations are certainly part of the motivation for the alliance, but the products will remain technically separate.

“It’s no secret we have a common investor in Hg,” said Scott. “They are very experienced in the tax and accounting space, which brings lots of advantages. This is one example. The benefit will come in how the products are applied within the business processes and client experience.

“Having had a chance to get closer to Dext, there’s a real shared passion for accountants as our customers, rather than a channel. We want to empower them to provide the services they want.”

Deeper integration possibilities

On behalf of Dext, product domain expert Paul Lodder sketched out some longer-term technological possibilities for the partnership: “Dext won’t play in the compliance space. We’re more about getting the information in and extracting it via our integrations.

“All the data accountants have through IRIS products could be brought into Dext Precision to do an analytical review of payroll, for example - the number of employees, pay per employee or to see if the control account is reconciled. All of this could lead to automating more of the workflow through to the compliance stage to create capacity in other more exciting areas of the practice.”


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By johnjenkins
18th Nov 2021 13:06

Free agent and Natwest with a free license. When QU is pulled they will all fall flat on their faces.

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