Excel Zone Compendium: Working with external data (Excel 2007 update)

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Practical issue: Use Excel as a window on your data sources


Create a static copy of the data

Create a dynamic link to existing data

Choose your linked PivotTable fields in Excel 2007

Link to data on a web page

Manage external data ranges

Export Excel data

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Although Excel includes some functionality to help you work with data, it's generally easier and more reliable to leave data collection, processing, management and storage to packages that are designed for the job, writes Simon Hurst. But this warning doesn't mean you can't use Excel to interrogate, analyse and report on that data. Used sensibly, Excel has a range of tools that can help you get at...

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31st May 2017 23:05

Sage data to Excel 2003/2007/2010

The Analyser.  - Excel plug-in

At the click of a button, “The Analyser” extracts actual current and budget data from nominal codes, departments and funds for any date range and for any combination of nominal ranges. Additional benefits include the option to add prior year’s data alongside the current year for comparative purposes and to report on single or multiple Sage companies, all in one workbook

The Analyser was born out of the constraints other report writers place upon the user. It is an impressive yet simple, timesaving Reporting Tool that extracts the figures directly from the Sage data into Excel

Also the drill down feature allows the user, from the face of their management information, to drill down to the nominal activity not just for one code but any combination of codes all from Excel without having to open Sage.

Together with The Organiser they could then go one step further and display the scanned image. Again, all from Excel without opening Sage.

The added benefit is that the numbers are returned to Excel so the user is able to use Excel reporting and graphing capabilities to further enhance their reports. Its as good as you are in Excel.

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